bodhicide (bodhicide) wrote in feds_are_speds,

"John"ism & Arabophobia

My friend "John", about two years ago (we were only about sixteen), formed a joke cult called "John"ism. On the website he declared Jihad on the Church of "Mike", and said that we would accept donations of money. Unfortunately, he also made the mistake of listing the members on the Raymondism site, and we were harrassed by the police. At least several members ended up on no-fly lists and one half-Lebanese member with a very obviously Arabic name, let's call him "Ibrahim", was particularly harrassed, even though he had relatively little to do with the whole joke. Police told him that other members had said that his parents were Islamic fundamentalists, and that they only speak Arabic, but no member had said this, and "Ibrahim"'s mother is a white protestant, and his father is a Maronite Christian.
I thought that the story was worthy of this particular group.
Obviously names were changed.
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Thats so damn crazy.
a little confusing, but still sounds like a shitty situation. i love that the fbi do nothing but sit on their asses and be wrong all the time and still get paid. law enforcement, economists, weathermen all are wrong all the time and still get paid. wtf.